Charge Up Your Business

Electric Vehicles Are Here

With the skyrocketing popularity of plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles, consumers are starting to notice which businesses do and don't offer charging to customers. It is time to start thinking about installing charging stations at your business.

Increase Sales

Not every business is going to offer charging to customers. This means that business who do offer charging will attract patrons who want to charge their vehicles while they shop, dine, or sleep. Wise business owners will take advantage of this.

No Giving Away Free Access To Electricity

There are many options for charging stations, including ones that accept payments. With a charging station from Magnolia Charging, your business can control access using a payment system that works with an app on the customer's phone. 

Customer Friendly

Customers can locate charging stations. Check station status and availability. They will also get notified when charging is complete. All from the connected smartphone app.

Not Complicated

In many cases, having charging stations installed is not all that complicated. The wiring is very similar to how a dryer outlet or A/C unit would be wired up. In some cases, wiring may need to be run underground, but an electrician can easily handle that.

It Is Affordable

Magnolia Charging offers charging stations that are affordably priced and are offered in a variety of styles in order to meet the needs of your business.

Commercial Charging Station Pricing

Each Station Requires a Station Management Fee for each port (charging Plug).

Station Management Fee

Each Station Requires a Station Management Fee for each port (charging Plug).

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