Facts About Charging

How is the battery Charged?

The owner charges the vehicle’s battery by connecting it to a power source using a charging cable that connects to the universal charging port. 

Where can the battery be charged?

Any regular grounded 110V electrical outlet can be used for overnight charging using the charge cable provided with the vehicle. This is called Level 1 charging.

Is there a Faster charging method?

Yes! Level 2 charging uses 240V current, like an electric dryer outlet. This allows a battery to be charged in as little as 3 to 5 hours. 

Can I get a Level 2 charger at home?

Yes, an electrician would run wiring just as if it were a dryer outlet. Level 2 units can be plug type or hardwired into your home. Most people won't need them for a plug-in hybrid. However, a Level 2 charger is a must for people with all-electric vehicles which have larger batteries that would take longer to charge on 110V power. 

Is there a risk of shock from the charging cord?

A certified charging unit will not turn on power to the cable until the connector is plugged into the car. The car will then tell the unit to turn on the power. This is done to prevent electrical shock. *Damaged charging cords should be replaced for safety.

Do all plug-in vehicles use the same connector?

Nearly every mass produced plug-in car in the U.S. has the ability to use the J1772 charge connector for Level 1 and Level 2 charging. There are a few different connectors for Level 3 fast charging. Watch the video below for more about the basic charge plug standard.

National Charge Plug Standard

Other Common Questions

Can the car move when plugged in?

The car will not move while it is plugged in. The vehicle locks out the drive selector when a charging cable is detected.

Is it safe to charge in the rain?

Yes, it is safe. The charge connection is water resistant and is fine to plug into the car when it is raining. Electricity is not running through the connector until it is connected to the vehicle. 

Will my car come with a charging unit?

Yes, every new plug-in vehicle is sold with at least a Level 1 charging unit that can be used with any grounded 110V outlet.

Need To Know Terminology

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