We Need You!

Looking Ahead

At Magnolia Charging, we can see that electrified vehicles are the future of transportation. However, here in Mississippi it is nearly impossible to purchase a plug-in vehicle and there are few charging stations at popular locations. We aim to change that and could use your help.

Getting The Word Out

With the help of the plug-in vehicle community, Magnolia Charging is working to educate consumers about these new vehicles and show them all the benefits of owning a plug-in ride. We are also soliciting businesses to install charging stations. Finally, we are partnering with dealerships to keep plug-in vehicles on their lot while ensuring that the sales people understand these vehicles, too.

How You Can Help

If you own a plug-in vehicle, the you already know the benefits and joy of the ownership experience. Help us spread the word by following and sharing us on Facebook and Instagram @magnoliacharging. You can also help by asking friends & family to check out our website which simplifies the aspects of electrified transportation into an easy to understand format.

Get Involved

Know A Place That Needs Charging Stations?

Do you have a place that you would love to see install charging stations? Tell them to go to our page for businesses or to email us at magnoliacharging@gmail.com to find out how easy it is to get charging stations for their business. With your help, Mississippi will be covered with charging stations.

Help Us Help You

We have a short questionnaire that asks some basic questions that will help us to decide what areas to focus on installing charging stations. Please take a couple minutes to answer just 5 questions about your charging needs. And feel free to offer any additional info that may be useful to us.