Terms To Know

Plug-in Hybrid

A vehicle which can run on gas and battery power. Typically has 20 to 50 miles of electric-only range. Automatically starts running on gas when battery is drained. Can be driven just like a gas vehicle if no charging is avaliable.

Pure Electric Vehicle

A vehicle that uses only electricity for power. Larger battery than plug-in hybrids. Range can be from 75 to 335 miles depending on the make and model. Must have some charge in the battery in order to be driven.


Distance the vehicle can be driven between charging or fill-ups. "Electric-only range" refers to the distance the vehicle can be driven on battery power on an full charge. Plug-in hybrids can drive past their electric range as long as there is gas in the tank.


Miles Per Gallon. The number of miles that can be driven on one gallon of gas. This applies to plug-in hybrids just like it applies to traditional gas powered vehicles.


Miles Per Gallon equivalent. This is not the measure for gasoline fuel economy of a vehicle and is not the same as MPG. Put simply, this is way of comparing the energy efficiency of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles when running on electricity. For example, a vehicle that gets 84 MPGe is not as efficient with electricity as one that gets 98 MPGe. 


Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (Also known as charging stations). This is the controls box and cable that connects a vehicle to an electrical source. Think of it as the cord that you use to charge an electric vehicle. Different types of EVSE can charge the vehicle at different rates and are made for different levels of charging. For instance, a Level 1 EVSE is provided with every electric vehicle. Level 2 EVSE can be found at businesses or even can be installed at home for faster charging.

Types of Charging

Level 1 Charging

Charging from a 110V electrical source. Every new plug-in vehicle comes with a Level 1 EVSE. This uses the kind of outlet that every home has. The outlets must be grounded (three prong) to be used as a charging source. Provides 3 to 4.5 miles range per hour of charging. Perfect for overnight charging of plug-in hybrids. A 7 hour charge would fully charge the battery on a plug-in hybrid with ~30 miles of electric range.

Level 2 Charging

Charging from a 220V to 240V electrical source, just like an electric dryer uses. The most common type of charging. Can provide between 12 and 50 miles of range per hour of charging depending on how much current the vehicle can accept. Level 2 EVSE can be found at businesses or can be installed at home. A level 2 charger is recommended for owners of pure electric vehicles.

Level 3 Charging

Aslo known as DC Fast Charging. The fastest type of charging and is meant for long trips. Can usually provide up to an 80% charge in just 30 minutes. Usually, only Pure Electric Vehicles have the ability to use these types of charging stations.

What To Know More About Charging?

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What Path To Take?

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