What's The Price?

When it comes the real price of a vehicle, now must consider all the aspects of ownership. The initial purchase price is only the first cost of a vehicles. Additional expenses include maintenance, fuel, tires, breaks, ect. The following is a cost comparison that demonstrates some of the saving that can be realized with a plug-in vehicle. Note: major repair estimates are not included in this calculation, but electric drivetrains tend to be more reliable than combustion engines.

Calculating Cost To Own


This is the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price that is on a vehicle's window sticker. All costs will be calculated using the MSRP of similarly equipped vehicles (e.g.. both models have heated seats, or both models have touch screen, same size class ect...).

Federal Tax Credit

This is the maximum amount of tax liability that the Federal government will allow a tax payer to deduct from his or her taxes when he or she purchases a qualifying plug-in electrified vehicle. The tax credit amount is based on the size of the propulsion battery in the vehicle. Note, this is a non refundable tax credit. Your tax liability for the year must be at least the value of the credit in order to receive the full benefit. For example, if one's tax liability is only $5,000 after all deductions, then the tax pay can only benefit up to $5,000. The remaining amount can not be used in any tax period other than the one in which the vehicle is purchased. Talk to your tax professional to see what you qualify for before making a vehicle purchase.

Electric Range

This is the EPA estimated distance that a vehicle can travel solely on electric propulsion.


This is the EPA estimated combined city/highway mile per gallon score. 

5 Year Cost To Drive

-5 year cost to fuel based on EPA Annual Fuel Cost estimates

- Average of 15,000 miles driven per year

- Does not include maintenance expenses

Don't Forget Maintenance

The calculations below do not include saving on maintenance. Remember that plug-in hybrids require less maintenance than regular gas vehicles and pure EVs require little to no maintenance on a regular basis.

Plug-In Hybrid VS Reg. Gas Car

*All Prices are based on MSRP and include destination charges