Why Get A Pure EV?

No More Gas

Never visit a gas station again or have to wait in line for someone to pump gas. Just charge up at home for most of your driving. Use charging stations around town if you need a charge while away from home.

Little Maintenance

Electric motors have no need for regular maintenance in most cases. So, the things to replace are wipers, wiper fluid, tires and brakes. Also, the brakes can last a long time since EVs use the motor for gentle braking, called "regenerative braking."

Few Moving Parts

Electric Vehicles don't have belts, spark plugs, air filters, exhaust systems, parts that need to oiled, or a complicated transmission. 

Fun To Drive

EVs are not just glorified golf carts. Electric motors provide instant torque right from a start. No waiting on an engine to rev up or needing a transmission to find the right gear.

Silent Operation

Electric Vehicles have nearly silent operation. This can make a ride more enjoyable and relaxing. This also helps make the neighborhood a little quieter.

Long Range

No longer just city cars, most low cost EVs have 110 to 130 miles of range. There are now some affordable models available with over 230 miles of range. Premium models can have over 300 miles of range.